Who we are

Welcome to Our Art Galaxy

We are Art Galaxy, a full service 360*offset printing solutions company that has been at the forefront of innovation in the printing industry for over 35 years! Our understanding of global design, diverse production and servicing capabilities, matched with our trusted name, allows us to present ourselves as the perfect partner for your printing needs.
Hailing from the sunny land of Sivakasi, a printing hub in Tamil Nadu (also known for its fireworks and matches industry), we have been blessed with 3 decades of invaluable experience, working with nearly 140+ partners from all over the country and the world. We are proud to say that most of our partners have been with us for over a decade or two, some for almost 3 now. We cherish our long-standing relationships, which are a testimony of our impeccable service.
In 2016 we printed over 200 million packaging boxes for clients from various industries ranging from fireworks & matches, textiles & retail fashion, incense sticks, dying colours, sweet & confectionary goods and several others. We hope to diversify and only grow moving forward.
I believe in thorough involvement through every step right from customer acquisition to fulfilling printing needs to every other requirement they might have. Sometimes the client may not necessarily know what might work for them and we are lucky to have built confident relationships that reflect the same in our business pursuits. Help align clients printing needs with their business goals and helping them achieve this clarity has been an advantage right from the beginning!
- Mahendra Bardia
MD, Art Galaxy
The market is now extremely competitive and dynamic and the need to constantly innovate keeps us on our toes. We ensure we always stay a step ahead of the curve by attending international printing fairs such as DRUPA, ALL IN PRINT AND PACK CHINA, CANTON FAIR and other local events and bringing the latest in printing technology home. We strive to consistently deliver superior solutions to our clients printing and packaging needs and hope we can continue to do the same for years to come!
- Ashish Bardia
CEO, Art Galaxy